Welcome to the official presentation of the company “Oštrač”, a workshop with a long tradition in which the knowledge was earned and transmitted within several generations of sharpeners.

We are located at the Kalenić Market which is located in the heart of the smallest municipality of Belgrade Vračar. The market is located between the streets Njegoševa, Maksima Gorkog and Viška. The Kalenić market is one of the oldest Belgrade's markets. Built 1926 on the Kalenić plain as one of many foundations of Belgrade's donor Vlajko Kalenić. The sharpeners workshop, founded by Marko Petrović exists there since the foundation of the market.

Currently the fifth generation of sharpeners from the Petrović family works in the shop. Proof of the quality of our services is the large amount of customers - restaurants, butchers, tailors, barbershops and citizens which visit the market every day.

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